Aletta Ocean vs. Kissy from Nudefightclub in this new catfight video. These Hot Competitive babes are in for a good fight. The women are ready to go at it athletically and physically as they are using the wrestling/boxing ring at the gym for the venue. This is very appropriate since these women pride themselves on their workouts and fitness. The women do a little obligatory posing as they circle each other and wave their hands at one another in almost dismissive form. Aletta Ocean has hopes of sending Kissy down to her knees which is where Aletta Ocean thinks Kissy belongs to begin with…at her feet worshiping her superior beauty and fitness. But Kissy isn’t one to go down easily as just when Aletta Ocean is about to send her down, Kissy brings up a knee to Aletta’s midsection. That takes the starch out of Aletta Ocean’s body which is doubled over by the hard blow. Kissy follows up with a double axe handle which sends Aletta Ocean instead to her knees. And within a few moments Kissy brings Aletta Ocean to the floor and they start to wrestle.

Aletta Ocean and Kissy having a catfight

Aletta Ocean and Kissy in this great catfight

Aletta Ocean and Kissy both want to win this catfight

Aletta Ocean gets pushed in the ropes by Kitty

Kissy, last week’s winner is back and she more willing than ever. This time she has Aletta Ocean to give a good lesson to. As the grappling and wrestling starts among the sporty bitches, their power seems to equal each other. After a while Kissy succeeds again in beating the hell out of Aletta Ocean. After Kissy wins the fight she makes Aletta do all kind of nasty things to her, click here to see Aletta Ocean and Kissy ripping each other clothes off and going crazy!

In one of the best catfight matches of this year our favorite pornstar Aletta Ocean slowly walks towards the dark haired beauty, and before Kissy could think about what was happening, Aletta Ocean kicked her directly between the legs. Kissy screams and drops to the ground, her womanhood on fire. Aletta Ocean with an evil grin, grabs her helpless victim by the hair, and pulls her up. Kissy is dead weight, and the only thing bringing her to her feet is the roots of her hair. Halfway to her knees, Kissy set her teeth into Aletta Ocean’s unprotected belly. Aletta screams and starts to rain blows down on Kissy’s head, but Kissy refuses to let go. Ow you slut, I will rip your tits off! Kissy head buts Aletta Ocean in her belly, causing the woman to lose her balance and fall back on her ass and her head. Kissy, climbs over Aletta Ocean, and unhook the gold chain the girl was using as a belt. She pulls it free, and stands up. Undoing her jeans, she pulls them completely off the dazed victim. Revealing black lace thong. Kissy laughs and says “it figures a whore would wear a whore’s underwear. Aletta Ocean starts to come to, trying to clear her head, and decide what to do. Kissy decides to take things into her own hands, he slowly strips her own pants off and shedding her white panties, she goes to mount Aletta Ocean Ocean’s chest; she softly purrs “You have a choice bitch, either eat me, or I have other things in store for your worthless ass! click here to see Aletta Ocean and Kissy ripping each other clothes off and going crazy!

Aletta Ocean and Kissy wrestling Aletta Ocean and Kissy wrestling Aletta Ocean and Kissy wrestling

Bianka Lovely and Gitta Blond from Nudefightclub in a great female fighting video. These two girls are in the mood for a real bitchy female fight. The tension builds as they get ready to fight. Then the mach starts and the girls start to pull, hair pulling, shirt shredding, breast and pussy grabbing, wrestle and grapple.

Gitta Blond prepaires for her female fighting

Gitta Blond prepaires for her female fighting

Bianka lovely can't wait to start her female fights

Bianka lovely can't wait to start her female fights

How much more action can these girls take in this female fighting? They start to rip each other’s clothes from their sweaty bodies. Click here to see them get naked during the fight and then start to play with each other.

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